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Outbound Academy


We offer an immersive, three-month-long training that allows salespeople, or aspiring salespeople, to work with our SDR experts to gain valuable skills and knowledge for a successful career in sales.

With the option of on-site or online training, we strive to make our Outbound Academy more accessible to students who require support in getting more comfortable as an SDR, regardless of the organization or products and services they are selling. You will also have the opportunity to listen to accomplished Salespeople speak during each training session, providing tips and advice for how to maximize your performance.


"Study not for more, but for better"


At the end of the training, each student will be ready to take their final exam. Those who pass the final exam will be eligible for our recruitment service, where we will make arrangements to help qualified students find appropriate employment based on their skill set.

Thanks to our client, we are also able to offer up to 60% financing for this program, and welcome students of all backgrounds and skill levels to join our Academy.